Where Trust is Wealth

“A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better.”

– Richard Branson

Many years ago, our founder dreamt of joining the Information Technology industry. He hustled for quite some time and ultimately reached where he wanted to be. But was this a happy ending? Definitely not. As he worked under different organizations, he realized that the clients often did not get what they had envisioned in their minds. In many places, over-promise and under-delivery was the norm of the day. Over the years, he got frustrated with the conventional ways of delivering IT services, and wanted to do something about it. In the year 1995, he decided to provide customized IT consultancy services to individuals and organizations all by himself. His method was simple; to pay attention to every requirement of his clients, and surpass their expectations. This simple strategy worked wonders for him, and he gained the faith of his clients. His tireless efforts gave birth to Inobutech, the leading business of our organization. Little by little, our business grew, and since then, we have been proudly serving Japan and the rest of the world. Our founder believes in the creation of effective partnerships with our clients. The need to earn the ‘nobu’, or the trust of our partners is our primary aim. That is why we are called ‘Inobucorp’, a place where trust finds it’s true worth. We are proud of the fact that our founder will personally attend to your needs even to this day. Our team knows no arrogance and our values have been instilled by the man himself. Let’s change the world together for the better and leave a lasting impression on it. Long live Inobucorp!

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